We know many variants for the consumption, dosage of kerosene. Naturally, it depends on the severity, type of illness, although there are people who take it only for prevention. It's up to you which one you choose because everybody is different, everybody reacts in various ways to the individual cures.

Oleum petrae album rect. G179 is called the cleaned kerosene which is recommended by the literature, with max. 0,001% aromatic content and 185-225 degrees boiling range. You can buy it in top pharmacies. But other sources indicate that the ordinary kerosene of yellow color is the best type of kerosene (don't forget to remove any solid particles by coffee filter bag or a wad of cotton wool. This type of kerosene you can buy generally at gas stations.

Suggested dosage:

For prevention: 1 teaspoon on an empty stomach, preferably one hour before breakfast, 6 weeks long.

14 days long each morning 1 teaspoonful of kerosene on an empty stomach. Eat and drink normally only after 2 hours. Then 8 weeks a break without kerosene and then a 28-days nightly cure. Make each year a 14-days cure and a nightly cure.

Sometimes it can enter diarrhea. That is good, because it shows that the intestine is partly cleaned. Don’t take any means preventing diarrhea, because it disturbs the purification process. Begin therefore the cure on a weekend or before holidays.

In the case of rheumatism take 3 times a day 1 teaspoonful after the meal and once a day rub in the painful places with kerosene. Before applying the kerosene rub in skin cream to prevent the drying out of the skin.

If your have a body part that itch, burn, are swollen or inflamed (for example rectum, vagina, mouth, tongue, palate, gum), dabble it with cleaned kerosene and rub it in with hip seed oil. Rinse the kerosene, together with the hip seed oil, a few minutes in the mouth, than swallow or spit it out.

For prevention: once in the year 12 consecutive days 1 teaspoon kerosene.

For blood poisoning: 8 days a teaspoon kerosene daily.

1 teaspoon on an empty stomach, preferably one hour before breakfast, 6 weeks long and then a break of 8 weeks followed by another 4 weeks. If necessary, the treatment must be repeated yearly.

Also before going sleep we can consume kerosene (generally 1 teaspoon), a few hours after a light supper, on a relatively empty stomach. This allows the kerosene to work all night without mixing with (lots of) food. It's a two months' cure followed by 2 months break. It can be supplemented with the beneficial effect of the chicory coffee which can be 3 to 4 cups daily. In the case the kerosene cure lasts likewise two months but with only 2 weeks break.

Kerosene + chemotherapy: this combination is not recommended.

And at the end a little bon mot:

A man goes home after a visit to his doctor, walks to the sink and throw all the prescribed pills into it.

"Are you totally crazy?", shouts his wife.

"I know very well what I'm doing", the man says. "The doctor wants to live, the pharmacist wants to live but I want to live AS WELL!"