Petroleum - the remedy


OK, Saarbrücken, Germany: My friend (32) became ill this summer (2012) with acute leukemia. Of course he came into hospital and began chemo therapy. While at home, I read for a month all about cancer and possible therapies. Finally I decided for petroleum because it is also the easiest and fastest way! I could persuade my friend with success, and he began at the hospital with the petroleum cure! Finally, he broke off the chemo therapy, needed no more bone marrow transplant or radiation therapy and went home. The doctors gave him only a week before going to die! At home, he changed his diet and drank still another 4 weeks long petroleum. Today, he is healthy, and a wonder to all who believe only in traditional medicine! I (25) rid myself from my second myoma. My female friend (25) from her cyst in the breast. My aunt (49) had two breast cysts. She already had an appointment for surgery, which fortunately did not take place. My grandpa came regularly, every two weeks, into hospital for high blood pressure. Since then he sits happy and healthy in his home.

László Ország, 59 years old, Hungary: It's been 13 days since I drink the petroleum, the cure is finally ending. I feel wonderful, since 3 days I take no medication and can say that I'm cured. I can now definitely going to explain that PETROLEUM IS REALLY A MEDICINE! Since the age of 17 I had high blood pressure which is very bad because this state affects my general condition very much. And now everything is so good that I can hardly believe it. Also my heart throbs not so strong. In sitting position, I had such a heart palpitations, like other after running. Not too speak of my spine. During my apprenticeship I had to have back exercises, it was also operated, but I often had to change the position so that the pain subsides. I also suffered from diabetes. And these sufferings were away after 3 days and I must not take drugs!! I say in all seriousness, that I have become a new person!

Mrs. Marg, Koschate, headmistress of a school, Eschweiler, Germany: I've the experience that it is best to take very small sips to drink about 4 o'clock in the morning. I was then able to have breakfast at about 8 o’clock. After 14 days I did not have any more the typical smell of terminal cancer patients. After 6 days began the shedding of dead cells, a part of which I offered for examination by the Pathology Department. It was confirmed that it concerned dead cancer tissue. I have taken petroleum 32-35 days, every time with a 9 days break in between. As a pleasant side effect I noticed that my rheumatic complaints had completely disappeared during this period.

Ms. Kräge, Berlin, Germany: I've always suffered from high blood pressure, from circulatory disorders and from my heart, but even more from rheumatism. Nothing helped and I could barely walk and my legs hold still. I could not work anymore. Then I took petroleum as you had advised. A friend said after 4 weeks: What are you doing, you're getting younger all the time! I'm 68 years old. Everywhere I'm now estimated as being middle 40. My husband is a merchant and 65. He always walked with a curved back. Now we are proud because he runs like a young man. All people who know us ask what we have taken. When I got hurt by draft I rub my entire body with a sponge that I have soaked in petroleum. I leave that to dry and then I have no pain any more.

The mother of Mr. Paul Saarmann, Spelle, Germany: My son of 19 got surgery on 22 December 1971 in the clinic in Munster and immediately was closed again. Diagnosis: overall cancer. The doctors gave him 14 more days to live. He was transported to Rheine to the Jacobi Hospital and took from then two teaspoons of petroleum daily. He could eat again after 3 days and after 14 days the disease cells discharged together with the stool. After 8 days we could get him home. The doctors were at a loss. My son is now back working on the farm.

Mrs. Paula Ganner, Austria: As a 31 years old, mother of 3 children, I laid deadly sick in bed writhing in pain. In the last 3 weeks I lost 12 kg. I was released from the hospital after 8 days. Diagnosis: cancer overall. The doctors gave me in the best case another 2 days to live. 75 cm intestine was removed. The result: paralysis, intestinal obstruction. The right kidney was affected by cancer as well. In my hopelessness I remembered my mother's story from the time before the First World War when Austrian troops occupied Bosnia and Hercegovina in Yugoslavia. The rural population took in petroleum for various ailments, but also used it to rub it in. From Innsbruck, my husband brought distilled petroleum. I took 1 tablespoon at empty stomach. Already after 1 hour it reduced the paralysis and the diminished the pains. Three days later I stood up the first time to everyone's surprise. I could eat again without vomiting. Six weeks later I was ravenously hungry and I came back to my normal weight of 56 kg. The Innsbruck gynecologist Dr. Mornadell was surprised when Mrs. Ganner, 11 months after the first intake of petroleum, gave birth to a healthy son. Her blood is 100% healthy. When the child became 3 years old, it got infantile paralysis. The doctor wrote an admission to the university clinic but Mrs. Ganner asked for another week delay. She gave the child one teaspoon of petroleum per day for 8 days until the doctor, after expiration of the deadline, wanted her to report to the clinic. To his surprise, however, this was no longer necessary because the little boy was healthy and was outside with the kids playing with a ball.

Mr. Max Schwartz, Berlin, Germany: In my family petroleum is already used since 60 to 70 years. We are all in our eighties and take every Friday evening 15 drops on a lump of sugar. We feel very good, everyone. My mother always said: When the children have something with their lungs and when your forces are diminishing, take garlic; for internal growths petroleum, distilled or not, that does not matter. I have 2 poodles, one of them had a tumor the size of a child's fist (in the neck), he needed surgery. I gave three times per day petroleum on a lump of sugar and after 2 weeks, the tumor was away.

Mrs. Helene Noggler, Nauders: Cancerous lumps in the breast were surgically removed. Then came an ovary cancer and also the uterine was affected. The bladder should be opened because she was paralyzed. My husband, who works as a postman, was given the following advice: Give your wife a daily teaspoon of petroleum on her empty stomach. The pains reduced, I could eat again and morphine injections could be stopped. After about 6 weeks began a kind of pushing contractions. The doctor was called and couldn’t believe his eyes. Dr. Penz witnessed as the tumors exited my body. That can’t be true, he said, because clinically speaking you should be dead. He gave me an injection because of the strong bleeding in the beginning. After 4 weeks, I'm completely healthy again and I take part in mountaineering, I dance passionately and enjoy every joy of life.

Mrs. Margarete Weber, Innsbruck, Austria: One day after dinner I felt sick and went to bed. In the evening I had no appetite, stopped eating, I felt sick for weeks and did not know what was wrong with me. The first diagnosis was stomach ulcer, the second stomach cancer. For two weeks I took a teaspoon of petroleum a day. I stopped for 14 days and repeated the cycle. On the 12th day of the first treatment I felt somewhat better. Gradually the pains, the pressure in the stomach and the lack of appetite disappeared. The blood test results were excellent. Before the treatment I was constantly on a special diet and was terribly thirsty because I also had diabetes. This disease is also completely cured, I no longer need to take any medication.

Mr. Josef Schober, 57 years old: I was suffering from prostate. For 4 weeks I took a teaspoon of petroleum in the morning and in the evening. After only 14 days I was able once again to hold my urine. After two more weeks of taking petroleum the prostate gland, which the doctors were unable to cure, returned to normal. Two years later I became ill with stomach ulcer but after taking petroleum for three weeks I was well again. My 24 year old son had chronic bladder disease: during some time he took 1 teaspoon petroleum. Cured. His poodle lost its beautiful fur, the veterinarian diagnosed leukemia. After a course of 7 weeks the dog regained its nice thick coat.

Mrs. Mary Jesacher, 60 years old: I had breast cancer; now I have no fear of cancer any more, although I suffered very much. Three radiation treatments without success. Then my right breast was amputated. I was fully depressed and desperate. During 14 days, I took daily thrice a teaspoon petroleum, then stopped for 10 days and repeated the cycle, also in the following years .... Since then I have no problems any more and the constant fear of cancer is over.

Mrs. Ilse Wallner, Hall, Austria: My body was only opened: hopeless. Severe form of pancreatic cancer, which has been on both adrenal glands. I was sent home to die. When I briefly regained my consciousness on the fourth day, my husband gave me the first spoon of petroleum. Already a few hours later, the first signs of improvement are noticeable. On the fourth day I felt so good that I wanted to get up. The course was continued for 10 days. The doctors could not understand it they were forced to consider me to be healed.

Mr. Friedrich Madrian, Oberwietingberg, Austria: Since my childhood at the beginning of the century petroleum is our permanent home remedy for frozen body parts, rheumatism, sciatica, sore throat, internal and external diseases. We live at 1000 meters altitude and rarely come down in the valley, that’s why such good medicine is of great value.

Ms. B., Nunspeet, Holland: I used to take petroleum once a day and my menstruation which had stayed away a long time turned back immediately.

Mr. W., Ommen, Holland: I was healed from a lung abscess and nephritis as a 12 year old boy by petroleum treatment.

Mrs. A., Zoetermeer, Holland: I have treated myself successfully for acute arthritis in my shoulder externally with petroleum. After two days the worst pain disappeared and on the fifth day, even the movements returned to normal without any restriction.

The wife of Mr. T., Holland: My husband, a cancer patient, was healed thanks to the petroleum treatment. To utter amazement of his doctors, who had given him up already, he rides the bike again.

Mr. T., Haaksbergen, Holland: I has had eczema for 34 years. It disappeared entirely from petroleum.

Ms. K. in Heerde, Holland: I had a blue-red nodule on my arm that had been sitting there for quite some time. It disappeared after rubbing it with petroleum daily for 4 weeks.

Mr. V., Emmeloord, Holland: I lost the bitter taste in my mouth, which bothered me for a long time, by a small petroleum cure of 4 weeks.

Mrs. P., Wijhe, Holland: I put 14 days long a few drops for an infection on my arm which, to my great surprise, disappeared completely.

Ms. Van As, Amersfoort, Holland: Due to my swollen ankles I was very depressed because I'm in heart and soul a woman. Apart from the terrible pain it was not a nice sight. I also had terrible pain in my arms, hands and back. But it's all gone. So I say, I hardly dare to write it because it's so incredible and I really hope that it remains like that. I was first anxious to take it, it's so unusual. But now I'm so glad I did.

Man from Germany, 82 years old: At 27, I had pancreatic cancer. Life expectancy is 2 months. I left the hospital without treatment and started once a day a small glass of petroleum in the morning on an empty stomach, 1 hour before breakfast. For five months. Now he walks every day to the castle hill, except the two days when he has training in the gym. An acquaintance of his from Mautern who died last year had liver cancer at age of 47 with a predicted life expectancy of 4 months in-patient treatment. He died at 97 years, and since his cancer he took petroleum daily for the rest of his life. My sister has also been cured from abdominal cancer by using petroleum.

A relative from Australia: When my wife had terminal cancer and was sent home from the hospital I was very glad that I read the report on petroleum, otherwise my wife would not be alive. Since we had only ordinary, unrefined petroleum for use in lamps, we thought that if my wife has to die anyway, we have nothing to lose trying it. I took it too, so at least we will die together. But my wife became perfectly healthy!

Farudin Djeluli, Serbia: Petroleum literally saved my life, I felt a terrible pain in my stomach for months, starting from the end of 2008, but I did not go to doctors because I thought it would pass. When I could not eat anything, and when I came down to less than 50 kilograms, I realized that I was seriously ill and I went to see a doctor. Immediately I was told that I had cancer of the stomach, but I did not believe it. Later I went for the second, third opinion but they all confirmed the same thing. In Medlab I got the histopathologic findings, signed by pathologist Professor. Dr. Istvan Klemi, stating that I have a malignant lymphoma of the stomach malt type, and in Kamenica Clinic they said that I have 2 more months of life, but with proper treatment, which included surgery andchemotherapy they can prolong my life for three years. I thought that the end is near. I went to my native Macedonia to say good bye. Then in the village near Tetovo I learned of a woman who has suffered from cancer of the uterus. She had metastases throughout the body, but she was cured by drinking petroleum. Now I began to drink it every day. Of course, it never occurred to me to take any medication that the doctors suggested but I was already drinking petroleum twice daily. I remember well, how I wake up one morning and wondered what was missing, and I realized that I do not have any pain and that after one year I can eat again. I looked at the calendar and saw that it was the thirtieth day from the first morning when I swallowed the first teaspoon of petroleum. I could not believe that I will live.
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